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Utility Pole protection for top of poles

Urethane Pole Top Sealant

"Extending the life of Utility Poles"

PoleCapper® is an easy to use and clean to apply compound for the repair and protection of wood utility including telephone pole tops.

The product is designed to penetrate the top layer of the wood thereby eliminating the possibility of moisture entering under the protective layer that can occur with many traditional capping systems. Properly applied, this urethane system was designed for a slight overflow around the circumference of the pole to provide complete protection without having to apply any extra accessory materials such as tape etc.



PoleCapper® application instructions


The benefits of applying this Polyurethane compound are as follows:

  • No annoying mess getting gloves and clothes dirty
  • Useable regardless of pole diameter
  • No cleanup necessary after application
  • No nailing or stapling required
  • No kneading or mixing before use
  • The dispense gun and cartridges are clean and easy to store in the truck
  • Effortless dispensing, easy on the hands
  • Long lasting repairs
  • Just apply it and forget it!!!


This urethane compound has the following features:

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Extend pole life at minimal cost
  • No concern about pole diameter
  • Easy and clean to apply under the most difficult circumstances
  • The compound does not support the growth of fungi
  • Stops degradation and decay from moisture
  • Material will cure in the presence of moisture
  • Partially emptied cartridges remain useable
  • Nothing else to purchase.
  • Starter kits include the dispense gun
  • Replacement cartridges are readily available
  • Fills large cavities and reinforces the top of the pole
  • Penetrates into the pole and will not separate or crack
  • Designed to cover the edge around the pole diameter
  • Protects from damage caused by freeze and thaw conditions
  • Protects from insects
  • Protects pole top from Wood Pecker damage.


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