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UV cured Epoxy potting system - cure up to half inch in less than one-minute

Almost every business wishes they could cut operating costs and improve efficiencies without risking the quality of the products. At Crosslink, we strive to provide our customers with just that - improved efficiencies without risking the quality of the final product.

Reverse Engineering of large Bushing

Crosslink was recently tasked with reverse engineering a dated porcelain bushing in an aging transformer. Our customer based in Texas required the engineering design and manufacturing of a number of large epoxy transformer bushings and insulators – some weighing up to 150lbs per piece and ranging from 600 amps to 4500amps.

Repair Compound for Rubber Conveyor Belts in the Mining Industry

A conveyor belt is an essential part of any mining or quarrying operation. Having a belt rip or tear can have severe negative consequences to a company’s efficiency in production, especially when a small rip or tear turns into a large one, if not properly maintained or repaired.  

Although a full replacement of the belt would be ideal, it is not always the best solution from a financial and production stand-point. Being able to repair the belt in a timely and cost-efficient manner is often the better solution.

Pecker Patch Testimonial

My Lineman experience covers a wide range of voltages and maintenance is the largest portion of my experience. Finding a product that works great, is user-friendly and comes with great product support is paramount to success.

Over the years, we have used various types of Bird Hole Patch (having been associated with these repairs since the early 90's) when I first became part of a Hi Line Maintenance Crew.

Casting and electronics manufacturers are always looking for better ways to avoid electrostatic build-up on the assembly line, which can damage electronic components or create arcing hazards with volatile organic compounds.

“Yes, if a charge builds up, it may damage electronic parts or cause an explosion with volatile organics,” says Andreas Kostalas, R&D Chemist with Crosslink Technology.  “This is where our Variable Hardness Electrostatic Discharge Polyurethane System (VHEDPS) comes in.

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