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Customized Polyurethane Formulations

Urethane compounds are versatile and exceptionally abrasion resistant.


Urethanes are well suited to following applications:

 Printing Rollers
 Suction Cups
 Surface coat
 Casting, potting


Depending on the type of formulation, urethane products may be cured at room temperature, with the application of heat or in the presence of moisture (moisture cure). They can be very hard with low elongation properties or very soft with significant elongation after cure.


Electrical - Electronic

Electrical - Electronic Urethanes

Flame Retardant Urethane Systems 

Polyurethane Cartridge Systems 

Unfilled Urethane Systems



Specialty Polyurethanes

Low Density Epoxy and Urethanes 

Low Free TDI Polyurethane Systems 

Polyurethane Cartridge Systems - General Purpose

Triathane® Variable Hardness Polyurethane

UV Stable Outdoor Urethane Systems



UL® Recognized Epoxy and Urethane Products

UL Recognized Epoxy and Urethane Products

The following is a summary of our epoxy and polyurethane products recognized by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.(1) under various categories.

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New Epoxy and Polyurethane Developments

New Epoxy and Polyurethane Developments

Our R&D chemists and engineers are engaged in developing epoxy and polyurethane products to meet unique customer needs on a daily basis.

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