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Responding to the needs of utility companies, we developed the following unique repair and protective compounds for use on wood utility poles. These easy to use compounds were developed to help prolong the life of utility poles and avoid costly replacements for as long as possible.

All the compounds are packaged in convenient cartridges allowing for clean application without having to mix or discard unused materials. Linemen do not have to worry about keeping clothes clean. The products are easy to store and have excellent shelf life

No complicated instruction to follow, only basic commonsense preparations are necessary.

Utility Pole protection for top of poles

Urethane Pole Top Sealant

"Extending the life of Utility Poles"

PoleCapper® is an easy to use and clean to apply compound for the repair and protection of wood utility including telephone pole tops.

Utility Pole Repair for Woodpecker damage

This user friendly, easy to apply Polyurethane compound was specifically developed to repair wood utility poles damaged by woodpeckers, insects or rot. . Our formulating efforts were primarily focused on the lineman's safety. We considered this to be most important.

Utility pole protection against brush fires

Intumescing Compound for the Protection of Wood Structures

Each year, Grass and Brush fires frequently damage wood structures located in remote areas, often inaccessible by local fire departments. Although these fires move very quickly, they often ignite wood structures, such as electric utility and telephone poles, located in their path.

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