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Pecker Patch®
Utility Pole Repair for Woodpecker damage

This user friendly, easy to apply Polyurethane compound was specifically developed to repair wood utility poles damaged by woodpeckers, insects or rot. . Our formulating efforts were primarily focused on the lineman's safety. We considered this to be most important.


Our second major focus was on the ease with which the product could be dispensed under the sometimes difficult conditions faced by the repair crew. We believe that we met our goals while minimizing the necessary trade-offs.



This product may also be used by Arborists to repair cavities in living trees damaged by storms or insects. Once applied, it is harmless to wildlife or domesticated animals. This product is well suited to tree maintenance and repair projects as well as repairing general wood structures.


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This urethane compound presents the following advantages:


  • Climbable after cure (safety issue).
  • The correct combination of gel time and viscosity to minimize/eliminate leakage through common exterior cavities.
  • Fills voids and bonds to cavity walls.
  • 1:1 Ratio for easy mixing.
  • Consistent cure.
  • Quick and easy dispensing (gun included)
  • Moisture will not inhibit cure.
  • Designed to accommodate pole flexing without cracking or creating stress lines.
  • Non-nutrient to Fungi
  • Wide range of application temperatures.



The combination of set time and viscosity of this urethane compound has been optimized to minimize/eliminate leakage through the exterior cavities of the damaged area. Polyurethanes were found better suited to this type of application because the cured properties are better suited to climbing with minimal safety risk.


This urethane product is packaged in 1,500ml disposable cartridges and can be purchased in kits with each kit containing 10 cartridges. The compound is mixed through a disposable static mix head (10 mix heads included in each kit).


Starter kits include a choice of dispense guns with 20 cartridges and 20 mix heads along with all the accessories necessary to apply the urethane compound.


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