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Blaze Fighter®
Utility pole protection against brush fires

Intumescing Compound for the Protection of Wood Structures

Each year, Grass and Brush fires frequently damage wood structures located in remote areas, often inaccessible by local fire departments. Although these fires move very quickly, they often ignite wood structures, such as electric utility and telephone poles, located in their path.

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Our Blaze Fighter® intumescing compound was specifically developed to protect wood utility poles and other wood structures against damage by grass and brush fires. The best protection is obtained by applying the compound well ahead of time in areas where the potential for brush fires exist. Because the product was designed to provide effective protection in a short period of time after application, it is also suitable for use in emergency situations.


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The product is suitable for application to:

  • Electric Utility Poles
  • Telephone Poles
  • Wood Fences
  • All types of wood structures



A Cost Effective Protection Against Brush Fires

Blaze Fighter® is an easy to use, convenient-to-apply product for the protection of wood structures against damage from brush fires.

Applied correctly, it will protect wood structures against damage by slow moving brush fires of extended duration. The product was specifically developed for the protection of wood utility poles but may also be used to protect wood fences and similar structures.

It is applied by spraying, utilizing an air driven dispense gun supplied by Crosslink Technology Inc. as part of each starter kit.


Product benefits Lineman benefits
  • Simple and clean to apply
  • Effective within 10 - 15 minutes after application
  • No mixing required
  • Easy-to-use spray applicator with attachments
  • Minimal or no surface preparation required o Long-lasting and UV resistant
  • May be applied in a wide range of temperatures
  • Gaffable after full cure
  • Compatible with currently used pole treatments
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Easily visible white finish
  • No heavy containers to carry to the job site
  • Partially used cartridges are easily re sealed for subsequent use
  • No spillage from improperly sealed containers
  • No annoying mess getting clothes, gloves or tools messy
  • No kneading or mixing required
  • No weighing or measuring
  • Clean and easy to store on the truck
  • No heavy lifting required
  • Effortless application (the gun does the work)
  • Non-toxic, only minimal safety gear required
  • Sealed non-spilling cartridges



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