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Physiological reactions

There are many materials used in industry, which can cause allergic reactions... itching, a rash or other forms of dermatitis in those who work with them. These reactions are similar to those displayed by many people after contact with poison ivy, certain foods, or pharmaceutical compounds. Typical sensitizing materials encountered in industry are: solvents, cleaners, chemicals, plastics, foods, coolants, metals, animals, dust, fumes, inks, dyes, and soaps with a high alkaline or harsh mineral abrasive content. Experience has shown that the best way to prevent industrial dermatitis reaction is to establish and enforce good housekeeping practices.


The workers themselves must understand the reason for these practices and cooperate in them fully for no supervisor can control all of the actions of each employee. Patch testing to see if the individual is sensitive to the compound or to any of its components has proven unsatisfactory since repeated exposure is usually required in order for the individual to develop sensitivity.


Physiological classification

Material Skin irritating effect Sensitizing effect Recommended protection
Formulated epoxy liquids Mild to moderate Mild to moderate A, B, C
Formulated epoxy solids Non-irritating Non-sensitizing E
Fully cured compounds Non-irritating Non-sensitizing E
Curing agent or hardeners Mild to strong Mild to strong A, B, C, E
Solvents De-fatting Non-sensitizing A, B, C, E


Key to recommended protection

A. Skin protection. B. Goggles or face shield. C. Exhaust ventilation. D. Fire precautions. E. Avoid inhalation of dust or vapour.


From field reports, only a small percent of the individuals who handle formulated epoxy compounds develop sensitivity to them.



The above information is general in nature and is based solely on experiences by Crosslink Technology Inc. The recommendations provided herein may not be applicable in all situations. They are provided to the recipient as part of our customer service and the user must determine the relevance of the information to his/her application, considering any limitations that may be applicable thereto. Crosslink Technology Inc. does not accept any liability for direct or consequential damages resulting from the the implementations of these recommendations or the use of this information.

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