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Polyurethane specific problems


Bubbles in cured product

Probable Cause Possible Fix

Bubbles are either caused by moisture in the mix or air trapped in the material because the mix was not de-aired

Make sure all the components are dry, including the potting containers etc. and de-air after mixing (29" Hg. recommended).


Brittle after cure

Probable Cause Possible Fix

Has not cured long enough

May need post cure.


The above information is general in nature and is based solely on experiences by Crosslink Technology Inc. The recommendations provided herein may not be applicable in all situations. They are provided to the recipient as part of our customer service and the user must determine the relevance of the information to his/her application, considering any limitations that may be applicable thereto. Crosslink Technology Inc. does not accept any liability for direct or consequential damages resulting from the the implementations of these recommendations or the use of this information.

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