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Urethane Processing Tips


Processing polyurethane compounds are easily achieved following a few basic precautions. From the safety stand-point, the major issues are: preventing skin contact and not breathing the fumes while using the compounds. From the processing standpoint, it is important to keep moisture from contaminating the resin or hardener and strictly observing the recommended processing and mould temperatures. Vacuum is highly recommended to remove any air introduced during mixing. Accurate scales must be used to achieve the correct mix ratio and steel utensils and containers are recommended.


The following represents the basic minimum steps to process urethane products. It may be used as quick reference. It is highly recommended that the persons using polyurethane products consult the Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheets before engaging in production.


The following instructions are very basic and, if there is any doubt, the user should contact the manufacturer of the urethane compound for detailed instructions before proceeding with full confidence.





Receiving Polyurethane Products

- Check containers for proper labels.
- Check containers for damage.
- Check for correct product number and container weight.

Accept without inspection
Accept damaged goods

Storing Polyurethanes

- Protect against excessive heat.
- Protect against moisture exposure.

Expose to moisture.
Expose to heat.

Degassing (air removal)

- Degas Part A and Part B separately.
- Degas after mixing Part A and Part B together.
- Control degassing pressure to:
      <5mm for Part B
      <20mm for Part A

Try and get by without degassing.
Over degas Part A.

Resin / Curative Transfer

- Use closed system and vacuum transfer if possible.
- Provide local ventilation to remove fumes.
- Blanket containers with dry gas such as Nitrogen.
- Use gloves and do not get on hands.
- Use respirator.
- Observe manufacturers safety data (MSDS)

Pressurize drums or containers.
Breathe fumes from isocyanates.
Leave containers open to the air or moisture.
Use bare hands.
Breathe fumes in ambient air.

Metering Polyurethane Products

- Check calculations
- Use metal containers for checking material.
- Use an electronic weigh scale.
- Always record the weight of Part A and Part B used in the mix.

Weigh without calculating.
Use paper cups.

Mixing the urethane components

- Check material temperatures before starting.
- Mix quickly and thoroughly minimizing air entrapment.
- Scrape the sides and bottom of mixing container.
- Do not breathe fumes. Provide local ventilation to remove fumes.
- Wear safety glasses
- Clean tools in solvent after use.

Beat air into the mix while mixing.
Use wooden sticks to mix with.
Breathe fumes.
Pouring and Casting with Urethanes

- Check Tool Temperature
- Pour evenly and avoid splashing.
- Pour from one area and let the material flow out pushing air ahead of it.
- Allow material to set according to the manufacturers recommendation.

Use incorrect tool temperature.
Dump into the mould to minimize time.
Pour from various locations or all over the place.
Move moulds too quickly.

Curing and Post curing Urethanes

- Follow the de-mould temperature and time.
- Check for uniform firmness before removing the part.

Run tooling too hot or too cold.
Use excessively high temperature.



The above information is general in nature and is based solely on experiences by Crosslink Technology Inc. The recommendations provided herein may not be applicable in all situations. They are provided to the recipient as part of our customer service and the user must determine the relevance of the information to his/her application, considering any limitations that may be applicable thereto. Crosslink Technology Inc. does not accept any liability for direct or consequential damages resulting from the the implementations of these recommendations or the use of this information.

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