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Low Voltage

Low Voltage

Low voltage cost effective Epoxy Bushing manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our bushings are available for both indoor and outdoor service. Our products have been field tested for over 30 years without a single failure. We pride ourselves on offering durable, Leak proof, Minimal PD cast parts to the power generation industry.

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 85-339C04ID

Low Voltage

Voltage class: 2.5 KV
Tank opening: 3.06"
B.I.L: 45kv
Current rating: 4300 AMPS CONTINUOUS

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-340

Low Voltage

Voltage class: 1.2 KV
Tank opening: 3.06"
Conductor: Tin Plated Copper
Current rating: 5000 AMPS

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-320

Low Voltage

Voltage class: 2.5 kV
Tank opening: 4.10"
BIL: 45 kv
Current rating: 7500 AMPS

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-339

Low Voltage

Voltage class: 1.2 kV
Tank opening: 4.85" x 1.62"
BIL: 30 kv
Current rating: 3600 AMPS

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-321

Low Voltage

Voltage class: 1.2 KV
Tank opening: 2.56"
BIL: 30kv
Current rating: 600-3000 AMPS


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