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How important is safety when using chemical products?
How important is safety when using chemical products?
Personal safety must be the first and foremost consideration in using any chemical compound including Epoxy or Polyurethane products.
We are constantly learning, almost on a daily basis, about various products being banned, taken off the shelf of supermarkets because of their recently discovered adverse effects. Widely used consumer products seem to be in the news more frequently while re-classified industrial products tend to be less publicized.


There are many different products that were considered safe, being re-classified as we learn about specific hazards. Based on this, there is a chance that some materials that we consider safe today may be re-classified as hazardous some time in the future.


Therefore, it is only common sense to take every precaution with any materials we use today, in case they are declared hazardous in the future. Epoxy and urethane compounds fall into this category. They are considered relatively safe today but common sense should dictate to take the necessary precautions in order to forgo any possible future misgivings. Treating chemicals with respect and following the supplier's recommended safety instructions will go a long way to assure our personal safety. It is best to consider all chemicals, including household products, as dangerous in order to remain on the safe side of any possible future discoveries.


Some of the most widely accepted precautions are:

  1. Prevent skin contact (use suitable gloves)
  2. Prevent any type of ingestion (keep away from children etc.)
  3. Provide for safe storage when not in use
  4. Do not breathe vapors (use in well ventilated area)
  5. Keep away from heat, flame and spark.
  6. Follow any specific safety instructions provided by the supplier.


The above list is not all inclusive but it is a start in safely handling chemical compounds.


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