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Why Epoxy Bushings Beat Porcelain

When it comes to bushings for hydro use in transformers and breakers, more and more engineers and transformer manufacturers are specifying epoxy over porcelain. They find these bushings stronger, lighter, more durable and more flexible.

And because epoxy bushings don’t require special assembly, they are far less likely to malfunction and leak, causing destructive flashovers draining the transformer, which leads to delays, penalty clauses that are very costly.

Last year the 30­-student team from the Rocketry Division of the University of Toronto Aerospace Team was riding high. Their entry into the world’s largest university rocket engineering competition, held each June in Green River, Utah, won third place in the Advanced Category.

“We’re proud to be the top Canadian team,” says Bennett Leong “Unfortunately, due to a fuel issue, our engine failed to ignite properly. Even so, we got to about 1,000 feet.”

Utility Pole Maintenance - Repairs and Protection

 How many linemen does it take to change a utility pole?

An even better question is: Why be put into a position of having to replace a utility pole in the first place?

Do you have a noisy transformer?
Despite our very best efforts, at times we find that the transformer we built exceeds the maximum noise specifications.

There are two major sources for transformer noise:

1. By far, the major cause of transformer noise is Magnetostriction.

Magnetostriction is the random movement of individual sheets within the stacked core. The individual sheets expand and contract, at different rates, as the core is magnetized. These extensions and contractions will occur twice during each complete cycle of the alternating current flowing through the coil.

How important is safety when using chemical products?
Personal safety must be the first and foremost consideration in using any chemical compound including Epoxy or Polyurethane products.
We are constantly learning, almost on a daily basis, about various products being banned, taken off the shelf of supermarkets because of their recently discovered adverse effects. Widely used consumer products seem to be in the news more frequently while re-classified industrial products tend to be less publicized.

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