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Do you have a noisy transformer?
Despite our very best efforts, at times we find that the transformer we built exceeds the maximum noise specifications.

There are two major sources for transformer noise:

1. By far, the major cause of transformer noise is Magnetostriction.

Magnetostriction is the random movement of individual sheets within the stacked core. The individual sheets expand and contract, at different rates, as the core is magnetized. These extensions and contractions will occur twice during each complete cycle of the alternating current flowing through the coil.

How important is safety when using chemical products?
Personal safety must be the first and foremost consideration in using any chemical compound including Epoxy or Polyurethane products.
We are constantly learning, almost on a daily basis, about various products being banned, taken off the shelf of supermarkets because of their recently discovered adverse effects. Widely used consumer products seem to be in the news more frequently while re-classified industrial products tend to be less publicized.

Is the hype about Mercury an overreaction?
Some years ago we discovered that heavy metals, including Mercury, are extremely dangerous to our health when ingested. We learned about this when we saw the results of people eating fish poisoned by Mercury.

B-7 Solar Race Car Visits Crosslink

Crosslink was very pleased to have our friends from The University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar racing team visit with us on May 22, 2015. They provided us with a first-hand look at the B-7 Blue Sky Solar Racing car, which finished 8th out of 24 in the Challenger Class of the World Solar Challenge!

How important is Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) in selecting Epoxy or Urethane Compounds?

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) is a measure of the expansion or contraction of a material as a result of changes in temperature. Most frequently it is provided as linear CTE but some times given as volumetric CTE.

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