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Formulated Epoxy and Urethane
Formulated Epoxy and Urethane

Providing profitable solutions to our customers in their application and processing. Crosslink offers customized formulations to meet specific processing and product performance requirements. Products are carefully selected and/or developed based on the stated customer requirements combined with our own application expertise to yield the most cost-effective solution.


 Innovative formulations
 Industry expertise
 Customized delivery and packaging
 Free process and application consultations


The Formulated Epoxy and Urethane Products Division formulates and manufactures Epoxy and Polyurethane compounds to meet specific processing and product performance requirements. The mandate of this division is to provide "profitable solutions" to customers in their application and processing initiatives. Competitively priced materials are developed based on customer need whether it is a new product or a requirement to improve an existing process.




  • Develop new formulations to meet performance and processing requirements.
  • Modify existing products to meet requirements.
  • Provide advice on the best processing methods.
  • Fine tune products to suit the application (not the other way around).
  • Implement customer based quality control that ensures consistently usable materials.
  • Respond to emergency supply situations.
  • Undertake Confidentiality Agreements as necessary.
  • Make available a list of process equipment manufacturers to choose from.
  • Manufacture all viscosity ranges including paste consistency compounds.
  • Export.
  • Provide prototype services as necessary.
  • Provide technical assistance.
  • Ship products in totes or returnable containers.


Our technical staff is experienced in a variety of applications. Each new project is thoroughly reviewed to determine all requirements. Products are carefully selected and/or developed based on the stated customer requirements combined with our own application experience to yield the most profitable solution.


Most applications are somewhat unique. We provide free, confidential prototype encapsulation with our epoxy and urethane products and free samples for customer evaluation.


Our urethane products are suitable as: Our epoxy systems are suitable as:


Contact Us with your requirements and we will select the best product for your application.

Success Stories

Urethane mould substitutes for Silicon moulds


The Situation:

A customer switched from a conventional silicone compound to our more economical polyurethane to make moulds for casting parts. After switching they noticed bubbling while casting urethane into these new moulds.

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Special Formulation from Crosslink Technology for UTRA's ART Rover

"The contribution of Crosslink Technology allowed us to fulfill our design goals of the new track drive system. Crosslink Technology generously donated a special lightweight formulation for us to cast our custom wheels for the drive system’s bogeys..."

Source: University of Toronto Robotics Association

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Mercury free Polyurethane for underwater application


The situation:

The customer was using a polyurethane compound, incorporating a mercury based catalyst, to pot connectors used under water. Stock of the existing product was running low and the customer wanted to switch to a more environmentally friendly, safer system.

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