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Trowelable Urethane Repair Kit

The TU 680 is an Easy to use, general purpose, trowelable polyurethane repair compound. The product is suitable for repairing steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brick, dry wood, concrete, fiberglass, epoxy, urethane and rubber.


It is available in quart (1 Liter) size dump kits or packaged in easy to dispense cartridge kits eliminating the necessity of mixing by hand.



  • Safe to handle MDI System (Non Detect Isocyanates Fumes)

    • Safe to Work in confined areas with poor ventilation


  • Part-A & B are mixed and dispensed through static mixer with dual cartridge dispense gun

    • 1:1 easy to mix ratio
    • Consistent Fast Cure
    • No weighing or mixing required
    • Eliminate operator mixing error


  • Fast Gelling
  • Moisture will not inhibit cure
  • No Waste (Remaining material can be used again)
  • Fills voids and bonds to cavity walls
  • Bonds well to Metal, Rubber and Urethane surfaces


Physical Properties

Gel Time

7 minutes
Tack free 1 hour
Hardness: (Shore A) 80(±2)
100% Mod. (psi) 1671
200% Modulus (psi) 2145
300% Modulus (psi) 2622
UTS (psi) 2864
Elongation (%) 349
Die ‘C’ Tear (pli) 240
Trouser Tear (D-470) (pli) 49


Trowelable Urethane Repair Technical Data Sheet


*This urethane product is packaged in 1,600ml (54oz) disposable cartridges and can be purchased in kits with each kit containing 10 cartridges. The compound is mixed through a disposable static mix head (included 10 mix heads in each kit).

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