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Cast Epoxy Stand-off Insulators

Cast Epoxy Stand-off Insulators


Crosslink Technology Inc., manufactures standoff insulators to customer specifications. Standard electrical components are available from stock. Insulators are available for both indoor and outdoor service.

Epoxy components are lightweight and have been recognized most suitable for bus bar support in electric switchgear and many transformer applications. All components are available with various standard threaded insert sizes including metric threads. Composite insulators, due to their impact resistance, are considered an improvement over porcelain insulators.

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-111

Volts: 34.5Kv
Height: 10.5"
Dia: 5.0"
B.I.L.: 150Kv

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-184

Volts: 25Kv
Height: 8.25"
Dia: 2.75"
B.I.L.: 150Kv

Epoxy Transformer Bushing 90-191

Volts: 5Kv
Height: 3.5"
Dia: 2.0"
B.I.L.: 45Kv

Epoxy Stand-off Insulators 90-123

Volts: 600V
Height: 2.50"
Dia: 2.00"
B.I.L.: 5Kv

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