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Pecker Patch Testimonial - Georgia Power Company
Pecker Patch Testimonial

My Lineman experience covers a wide range of voltages and maintenance is the largest portion of my experience. Finding a product that works great, is user-friendly and comes with great product support is paramount to success.

Over the years, we have used various types of Bird Hole Patch (having been associated with these repairs since the early 90's) when I first became part of a Hi Line Maintenance Crew.

Some of the product types required mixing in a self-contained bag, which heated up quickly (you can imagine the haste to get it out of your hands quickly and therefore the quality was more times than not lacking). Another type was easier to dispense, but recommended putting small cut pieces of a scrap wood pole in with the mix. This was time consuming, to say the least, plus the tube size was smaller and offered no re-capping for later use (as does the Pecker Patch product).

I was first introduced to Pecker Patch in the 90's as a new product for us to try out. My Maintenance Crew had a reputation as the "go-to" crew willing to try new products.

Fast forward to today...we have been using Pecker Patch products since then with very consistent satisfaction for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use when dispensing
  • Adequate size dispensing containers with re-capping capability
  • Formula capable of preventing decay once the hole is filled
  • Restores structure integrity and strength
  • Poles are still "climbable" using belt and hook method, which is important in the maintenance business (not always access for a bucket truck)
  • High level of customer service; very satisfied


John R. Strickland

Georgia Power Company

Transmission Line Maintenance Foreman

Macon, Georgia


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