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Case Study: Reverse Engineering a Transformer Bushing Replacement

Crosslink was recently tasked with reverse engineering a dated porcelain bushing in an aging transformer. Our customer based in Texas required the engineering design and manufacturing of a number of large epoxy transformer bushings and insulators – some weighing up to 150lbs per piece and ranging from 600 amps to 4500amps.

As the bushings were old and obsolete, they were no longer available in the market and could not be sourced, leaving our customer with what seemed like their only option, to replace the entire transformer.

Instead of having to replace the whole transformer, Crosslink was able to reverse engineer the transformer bushings and stand-off insulators to repair and extend the life of the transformer.



Reverse engineering the required parts allowed our customer to:

  • Minimize downtime - Ability to get the transformer up and working again more quickly
  • Save on costs - Instead of replacing the full transformer, they were able to replace the bushing
  • Reduce manual labour - Only having to replace a bushing in the transformer, less labour was required

 Reverse Engineered 3D Drawing of Bushing

How did Crosslink Achieve this?

The first step was to have our customer send us the old parts. From there, our design engineer was able to create a new engineered drawing from the old parts. Once the drawings were completed, we machined new hardened steel mold tooling, precision machined the new copper conductors, nickel plated the conductors, and finally cast the new epoxy parts for our customer. This process can be applied to both repairing broken bushings and replacing obsolete bushings.

Crosslink consistently aims to become successful by making our customer’s successful.

Reverse Engineered Bushing
(Image of the finished reverse engineered bushing)



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