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A Better Way to Avoid Assembly-Line Shock (ESD Polyurethane)

Casting and electronics manufacturers are always looking for better ways to avoid electrostatic build-up on the assembly line, which can damage electronic components or create arcing hazards with volatile organic compounds.

“Yes, if a charge builds up, it may damage electronic parts or cause an explosion with volatile organics,” says Andreas Kostalas, R&D Chemist with Crosslink Technology.  “This is where our Variable Hardness Electrostatic Discharge Polyurethane System (VHEDPS) comes in.

It takes urethane, an isolative material, and lowers its resistance to the point where static charges can dissipate harmlessly through it to a grounding source.”

The innovative, easy-to-use, semi-conductive system has been employed by Crosslink clients to create nesting fixtures for delicate smartphone parts and electrostatic discharge belting for different conveyor lines.

Other urethane systems on the market tend to be two-component systems relying on carbon black to create semi-conductive urethane.

“The problem is, carbon black is very difficult to disperse into a liquid in a uniform enough way to allow electrostatic discharge to happen,” explains Kostalas. “Many people will try mixing carbon black into their material and do resistance tests along their belting and it will fail. With VHEDPS, our system comes pre-dispersed with no chance of separation drastically reducing the chance for error.”

One key issue in dispersal is viscosity. Once mixed, carbon black raises the viscosity of the formulation considerably, making it in harder to de-air and handle. In contrast, VHEDPS is low viscosity – easy to mix and de-air at room temperature, with fast de-mold time. Furthermore, the removal of carbon black removes the mess associated with handling and mixing the powder. and no detectable fumes.

Our customers will not find this product “shocking”, they will however enjoy the performance of carbon black ESD systems, but without the hassles hat come along with it.


To find out more about how VHEDPS can help you save time, money and damage in your casting or electronics manufacturing option, contact the Crosslink Technology team today



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